BMC Helix Remedyforce

Deliver superior IT service management in the cloud, built on the Salesforce Platform


BMC Helix Remedyforce is an IT service management solution built on the Salesforce Platformthat combines best-practice aligned process automation with a simple, easy-to-use experience for maximum IT productivity and innovation. Remedyforce is designed to remove complexity and help you quickly realize value.


As markets evolve and emerge, they...


As markets evolve and emerge, they...


As markets evolve and emerge, they...


As markets evolve and emerge, they...


Today’s businesses are completely dependent on technology to gain and maintain a competitive advantage. This increased reliance on technology means there’s greater pressure on IT service organizations to keep pace with an unprecedented degree of business change. However, many IT organizations are struggling to meet these new demands because the technology and processes they have in place are inflexible and aligned to business operations of the past.

To keep up with the evolving needs of the business, IT service organizations need modern, flexible, and intuitive service and support technology that facilitates the flow of information among people, teams, and departments. The solution must be fast to deploy, easy to maintain, and painless to adapt and integrate.


Built with speed and flexibility in mind, BMC Helix Remedyforce is the ideal service and support solution for the modern IT ecosystem. For organizations looking to simplify their infrastructures and run high-speed IT with a focus on value, BMC Helix Remedyforce is the perfect fit.

Staff members can access relevant data for any record in a visually intuitive manner.

BMC Helix Remedyforce provides comprehensive IT service management and ITIL® functionality to help IT run at the speed of business.


• Key ITIL processes, including incident, problem, change, service level management, self-service, discovery, configuration and asset management
• Social, mobile, and collaborative capabilities make connecting people and information easy
• Innovative asset lifecycle management capabilities for proactive management to reduce costs and improve data consistency while mitigating risks
• Agentless Discovery and Client Management capabilities to discover, configure, manage, and secure your IT endpoints
The stability of the world’s leading cloud platform, Salesforce©, helps you realize value and reduce ongoing maintenance
• Out of the box integrations to today’s core business technologies, including BMC Helix solutions and Salesforce© offerings, as well as 5,000+ Salesforce AppExchangesolutions


• Improve business satisfaction by 30% by streamlining processes and expediting request fulfillment
• Reduce audit prep time by 96% with out of the box and automated reporting
• Realize value and support the business quickly with a dedicated Business Relationship Manager.


Support the needs of your dynamic business with the robust IT service management capabilities available in Remedyforce.

Improve your customer satisfaction levels and resolution rates while reducing costs with a best-practice approach to the management of incidents, problems, service requests, and tasks.

Track, control, and report on the process of IT change management, with workflow based on your business requirements. Minimize risk through effective process enforcement and approval automation.

Integrated configuration item (CI) inventory maintains accurate CI information in the Remedyforce Configuration Management Database (CMDB), providing visibility into root cause and impact analysis.

Proactive management of assets throughout their lifecycle, including innovative capabilities such as data normalization and reconciliation, to drive simplification and automation while optimizing investments and mitigating risks.

Reduce training, speed resolution, and mitigate risk and compliance/governance with out of the box access to industry and ITIL best practices. Assess the adoption of product functionality with Value Adoption Dashboard.

Automated discovery for a more complete view of one’s environment and client management capabilities to protectively manage devices while reducing support time and increasing first call resolutions.

Manage the processes for planning, scheduling, and controlling the build, test, and deployment of releases and new functionality while protecting the integrity of existing services.

Give customers and employees an intuitive portal where they can resolve their own issues or needs. Users can submit new service requests, search for solutions to common problems in a vast knowledge base, view the health of services, or view the status of previously submitted incidents. Business approvers can approve requests without having to pay for licenses. Includes access to self-service via mobile devices.

Search and resolve common issues through a robust knowledge base.

Support the needs of IT and business users on the go. IT agents can perform virtually any task from their mobile device, leveraging the Salesforce® mobile app. Self-service users can perform quick submission of incidents using the Superbox feature, view incidents, and view knowledge articles leveraging the Salesforce Platformfrom any mobile device. The Remedyforce mobile app for the business provides full self-service functionality from any mobile device.

Provide instant visual display of key performance indicators with out of the box and customizable reports and dashboards.

Collaborate, solve incidents, submit approvals, and crowdsource information via a Chatter post or a chat session.

Create, schedule, and manage the distribution of surveys to understand the satisfaction of your customer base and undertake continual service improvement.

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