Why Choose Us

With over 20 years industry experience working direct and at partner level has given True North an enormous amount of compassion and understanding of the relationship from both sides. As a customer centric business, this enables us to put you, the customer, first and ensure that the service we provide is high quality to your business.

We are a business and we want to make profit. We’re not embarrassed to say this. However we believe there are many ways to achieve this. As mentioned, we are customer centric in our approach, not profit centric. So we do put our customer first. We believe a good customer service will ensure that customers are happy and satisfied with what we deliver, and this is turn will drive revenue. We write good business to ensure that we not only protect True North, but also protects our customers and partners we work with.

When it comes to product knowledge for ITSM and in particular Track-It! FootPrints and Client Management, then we are unrivalled in the UK and Ireland. We are the only partner that has resources that have worked with Track-It! since 2000 and version 2 onwards, FootPrints since 2006 and version 6.5 onwards, and Client Management since 2010. We will not go through all the company names and product name changes, but if you are interested in the history, then please give us a call and we’ll share it with you.

We believe the years accumulated, and the skill, knowledge and experience that comes hand in hand, ensures that we are in a unique position when it comes to advice, upgrades, migrations or a change of direction. This ensures that we minimise the pain and expense when your business goes to market for a new product, goes through a business transformation or has a project set up.

This is what delivers value and why choose us as your Trusted Partner.