Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is all about companies playing their responsible part in society and an aspect that True North are committed to. There are many types of CSR and below offers some information on True North’s commitment.


As a digital company, True North Service Management was set up to ensure that the business contributed to reducing the carbon footprint typically associated with the type of operations within our business. As such we reduce the harmful effects that were once deemed as necessary and unavoidable by ensuring where possible that sales and account meetings are conducted via remote meetings. Professional services are assessed to ascertain if the service can be done remotely. Of course, some services may require human interaction and face to face meetings and in the event of such engagements, we will attend and endeavour to cut emissions and waste in the process.

We also aim to eliminate paper waste, products such as CDs, DVDs, packaging and cost with quotations, purchase orders, invoices, banking and software distribution. Our first choice is to use electric and digital methods, which also in turn cut transport emissions. As a cloud first company, we strive to keep the majority of the infrastructure in a secure cloud environment.


Ethical matters are paramount to the business in everything we do. We pride ourselves on integrity and credibility. Without this, how can we promote ourselves as a trusted advisor? Our ethical focus is driven through the business from customers, to employees, contractors, suppliers and partners.

It is paramount that we follow an ethical approach and commit to our economical and legal responsibilities.

In this current environment, cashflow is king and our commitment to our suppliers, contractors and partners ensure that we work with them, to ensure that we meet financial obligations to ensure the supply chain isn’t broke and as such cause detriment to our customers.

We consistently review our financial position with a quick and current ratio analysis to ensure we are in control of our liquidity and obligations to all within the supply chain.

Philanthropic and Community

True North is proud to be a sponsor and support the local community. As an IT company working in technology, it is natural that the digital age is central to what we do as a business. It is with today’s generation, that a culture is driven by technology and very common for the children of today to be surrounded by computers.
Whilst it is important for children to have exposure to technology, it is also tainted with the reputation of health and fitness. Children staying in to play video games, obesity and mental health. As such, we feel that it is important to send a message to counter this and sponsor youth development in the community. As such, we are proud sponsors of Hampton Football Club and Solihull Moors Football Club where we support grass roots football.

True North is also pleased to donate time to support the local community and support agencies to help distribute food that has been donated by local supermarkets chains and deliver to the vulnerable, homeless, elderly, and supported living.
This activity typically runs a couple of hours in the evening 3 to 5 times a week and has been a paramount service especially during the CoVid 19 pandemic.